New Study Guide Explores the Enigma: Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?


ALLEN, Texas, Sept. 9, 2014 – Suffering is all around us, from our homes and our hospitals to the violent hot spots around the world. Our news is filled with atrocities and other evidence of evil loose in our society. But why is it so rampant? Why doesn’t our loving God prevent all this? Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?a new publication from—examines the biblical teachings and finds astonishing meaning and satisfying hope.

Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering booklet coverThe booklet acknowledges the questions that have troubled people through the ages: “If God is all powerful and all good, why doesn’t He stop every war, murder and tragedy? The Bible shows there is a time coming when He will. But why not now—and when will it be?”

This concise booklet examines the essential biblical passages that shed light on vital questions such as:

  • What is the source of evil?
  • How did evil and suffering enter the human realm?
  • Could God prevent evil without removing our freedom of choice?
  • How can good come from adversity?
  • How can godly character be formed in us?
  • What does the future hold? (Hint: God promises a utopian paradise without tears or sorrow to those who endure the hardships of this age!)

This new booklet can be downloaded free from the website, which was launched June 11, 2012. After two years, the site contains more than 500 articles, 100 video commentaries, nearly 1,000 blog posts, five issues of the new Discern magazine, as well as seven e-books:

Several additional free e-books are in the planning and production stages.

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