New Study Guide About God’s Gift of Rest Now Available Free


ALLEN, Texas, July 25, 2014 – As an antidote to today’s stressful, 24/7 world, has announced its latest free e-book: The Sabbath: A Neglected Gift From God.

The Sabbath e-bookA recent survey shows that a quarter of Americans experienced a great deal of stress in the last month, with more than half of these people reporting bad effects on emotional well-being, problems with sleep and difficulty in thinking, concentrating and making decisions (NPR). Getting enough rest and getting relief from the stress are major problems for many people today.

The new e-book The Sabbath: A Neglected Gift From God gives a surprising but effective antidote to 21st-century restlessness. The introduction explains:

“In today’s stressful, nonstop, 24/7 world, couldn’t you use a breather—a chance to refocus on what’s truly important? From the beginning, God designed a day of rest and refreshment as a special blessing for humanity. He made this day—the seventh-day Sabbath—to be a memorial of creation and deliverance, a sign of obedience to God and a type of the coming rule of Jesus Christ on the earth. Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath and that it was made for humanity’s benefit.

“So why do so few Christians today observe the Sabbath? In this booklet, explore the fascinating biblical story of the Sabbath and how you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this neglected gift from God.”

The new e-book can be downloaded free from the website, which was launched June 11, 2012. After just two years, the site contains more than 500 articles, 100 video commentaries, nearly 1,000 blog posts, four issues of the new Discern magazine, as well as five e-books:

Several additional free e-books are in the planning and production stages.

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